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Charting Your Course

Our Process


Our four-step process is designed to foster open communication between all parties, including family members and other professional advisors. The result is a holistic wealth management plan that addresses all aspects of your life. Through ongoing conversation and collaboration the plan can flex and adapt to meet your changing needs and respond to new realities.


Before we build a plan or portfolio, we start by building a relationship. Only by investing our time in understanding your individual goals can we chart a course to your unique destination.

During our initial meeting, you may be pleasantly surprised to find the focus is centered around you as an individual, not your financial statements. Our holistic approach to private wealth management helps to uncover your core values through an open and honest dialogue. By focusing on you first, we are better able to evaluate and integrate the complexity of your life into one organized strategy.


Your ACIMA Private Wealth team works together to leverage the depth of our knowledge and experience to best serve you and your family. Armed with the deep understanding of your core values, objectives and constraints along with the assessment of your goals and aspirations from the Discover process, we are able to evaluate your needs and circumstances to identify potential strategies and solutions unique to you.

We design solutions that are agnostic and tailored with creativity, robust analysis, thoughtful judgement and follow through. These solutions provide advice around financial planning, legacy and charitable giving, risk management, tax optimization, portfolio construction and private banking.


The strategies identified in the Design process are presented in an unbiased manner, with the implications clearly laid out for you, as the ultimate decision maker. Our goal is to collaboratively reach the best financial decision together, giving you and your family a feeling of comfort and confidence.

As a fiduciary and independent Registered Investment Advisor, we are not constrained or incentivized by any outside interests or affiliations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, making your interests our top priority. This freedom allows us to work with a number of professionals in a collaborative manner. Our deep understanding of both your financial and personal situation strengthens relationships with your other trusted advisors, creating a comprehensive plan across disciplines while eliminating redundancy and cost.


Once a strategy is agreed upon, your ACIMA Private Wealth team takes charge of the intricate process of implementation. You can rely on us to handle all facets of your financial life, from the extraordinary to the mundane. We strive to empower you to enjoy the benefits of your wealth, without the burdens and complexities involved in its management.

However, we understand that your interests and goals will continue to evolve—along with legislation and world events. That is why we believe our work is never done; it is a continuous process that requires regular meetings to revisit goals and re-evaluate your plan. Complex investment and financial management needs can’t be met by standard solutions. ACIMA clients are anything but standard and we believe they can achieve – more.

“Helping you achieve your goals is our passion, the journey will be a different experience.”

Finding Your Destination

Our Services

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