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Investment Management

ACIMA seeks to preserve, protect and grow client assets by identifying ideal asset allocation, diversification and by minimizing fees and taxes. Being proactive and focused on these key areas maximizes long term investment objectives. We aim to pursue lower volatility and to enhance the net of fee after tax risk adjusted returns for our clients’ portfolios. We customize, continuously monitor and periodically rebalance portfolios according to business cycles and economic conditions consistent in our objective to maximize investment success.


Our Investment Management Services Include:

  • Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Personalized Investment Policy Statement
  • Portfolio Rebalancing / Tax Optimization
  • Concentrated Position Management
  • Portfolio Risk Management
  • Customized Performance Reporting



Our Investment Philosophy

Individual in Focus:

You Are Unique

  • Your Risk Tolerance does not fit a predetermined box
  • Your Portfolio should be carefully crafted in accordance to your goals
  • Past experiences have created understandable biases, which we will seek to appreciate and discuss with you

Global in Perspective:

We Believe You Should Be Positioned for Global Opportunities

  • The world today is connected more than ever
  • Opportunities are found globally, not limited regionally
  • Investment returns can be enhanced and volatility mitigated through global diversification


ProActive in Approach:

We believe in being proactive, not reactive

  • Each stage of a business cycle presents unique investment opportunities
  • Asset allocation is a meaningful driver of investment returns
  • Proactive is also being sensitive to taxes and fees


Our Investment Process

The ACIMA Private Wealth Investment Process is based on the premise that the financial markets lead business and economic cycles.  The strength and stage of business cycles differ by markets and regions.  Our proactive management seeks to position the portfolios to overweight where the opportunities for growth exist and underweight the asset classes, markets and securities where the stage in the cycle is slowing and contracting all within a risk management framework.



Investment Process


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